CLARO CLAPBACK: Tomi Lahren Is Tired Of The Stormy Daniels Scandal

This is my first time doing a Claro Clapback, for those who don’t know what a clapback is, a clapback is sort of like a comeback in argument. In our version here on the site, we clapback at political commentators who have made egregious or false comments. In this edition we are clapping back at […]

CLARO OPINION: Stormy Daniels Is Not The New Monica Lewinsky

The Stormy Daniels scandal for many people is bringing back memories of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But we need to be very clear here, they are vastly different women and scandals. Lets start with what we know about Stormy Daniels, she is an award winning porn star, stripper, and has had alleged affairs with powerful […]

John McEntee Fired Over Financial Crime Investigation

Trump hires the best people, if you are talking about the best criminals, since another member of his administration has been dismissed because of a criminal investigation. John McEntee is currently being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security for serious financial crimes. That reporting comes from CNN, while earlier reporting suggested that he had […]

House Intel Committee Ends Investigation Says “No Evidence Of Collusion”

The House Intelligence Committee made a startling claim today, they said that they will be ending their investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. They did agree that Russia meddled in the election, but they came to the conclusion that they did so without favoring Donald Trump. This is a direct contradiction to all […]

Donald Trump Makes More Bizare Remarks At Pennsylvania Campaign Rally

Donald Trump is known to make bizarre inflammatory remarks on a daily basis, especially on the campaign trail. Well Donald Trump is not campaigning for himself but he is stumping for Republican congressional hopeful Rick Saccone. We all remember the crazed remarks that Trump would make from the campaign trail in 2016 and this is […]